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Future Character - unamed
Future Character - unamed

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Beyond Paradise

Enter Yoh - a dim-witted centaur who lives in paradise, a utopia for all magical creatures. Until one day he is violently ripped away from all he knows and must continue his life in the human world as a human. Walking just became a little more difficult... Will be BL eventually maybe in a few more pages... :D Prologue coming soon!


Umm... YELLOW!

Main News
Ummm... so yeah, I finally managed to work the codes and stuff (complains - The preious banner said upload something to imageshack or something - the images only worked after I got an account with them ... >.< tried for a whole day with photobucket and loads of others and then gave up, tried next day with image shack account! YAY! It worked!) and so now...


Don't worry people (be worried), I'm going to change it as soon as I can be bothered! :D
And yeah the banner is going to change as soon as the rest of the cast are here.

Other news
Cast and Story pages coming soon! Cast page has (for all those who don't know) Character Bio's, descriptions and Illustrations of characters.
Story page will be Either a manga-like oneshot explaining everything you need (I deem you to need) to know! Or just a plain old story >.>

I SUCK at spelling :D
-just thought you needed to know that LOL


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